Anita Sri Indahyani, administrator and project coordinator


Anita has a remarkably varied background with extensive experience in office administration and project coordination. She first obtained her Bachelors Degree in computer engineering in her homeland of Indonesia and then developed her administration skills.

After completing a database for the television industry and writing a user guide specific to the airline industry, Anita took an interest in working in the health sector.

Working with the Team Leader for the United Nations program to prevent the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza through a not-for-profit organization she organized numerous events. These events brought together veterinary professionals, scientists, funders and government officials. She was an excellent support for team members and the program.

She spent her first year in Canada volunteering at Canadian Red Cross in the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP). Her ability to learn quickly and work well independently made her an excellent asset to the program.

As a new immigrant, learning about Canadian culture became her passion. She enjoys learning from many interactive sources and active learning experiences, which makes her stellar in client services and as a project coordinator.

You can contact Anita by email: anita at desnoyers-schuler dot com