Kelly Schuler, president & co-founder


This purpose-driven woman is a fact-finder who enjoys analyzing trends and identifying both philosophical decisions and practical choices that will foster an organization’s growth. Much of her inspiration comes from those brilliant people she surrounds herself with, and their genius. She has an unmistakeable ability to bring this out in others.

Special areas of expertise for Kelly include: promoting behavioural change through active transportation initiatives, cross-cultural communications and community economic development. She uses an approach of Appreciative Leadership and Asset Based Community Development. Her work in international marketing communications has won prestigious awards.

Inspiration behind creating desnoyers-schuler:
“I know that health, wellness and sustainable living are the areas where I can make the most difference in a person’s life.”

Dedicated to making a difference through inspiring behavioural change, Kelly uses a mix of traditional and unconventional marketing and communications techniques. She learned about niche marketing from her mother, the sailor, as her experience in serving the sailing community as a niche market was rich in relationships. Kelly was also influenced by her Father’s leadership of not-for-profit and co-operative organizations, and she is empowered by her children.

You can contact Kelly by email: kelly at desnoyers-schuler dot com