Phillip Wheaton, website designer and developer


Phillip is a talented designer and a graduate of Canadore College in Art and Design. His experience in an agency environment has involved design, client collaboration, project management and organizing systems.

Phillip is a highly skilled generalist. He is passionate about the arts and design, as well as having a strong technical knowledge. Phillip is adept at translating theory and trends into practical, capable design while being talented at incorporating aesthetic beauty. Believing in designing and building with purpose, Phillip prides himself in being a multifaceted solution guy.

In addition to taking a strong interest in clients and business, Phillip is also intrigued by magnets, deep space, geometric shapes and symmetry.

His technical skillsets include knowledge in HTML, PHP, jQuery, WC3 web standards and Adobe Creative Suite. A prominent educational website Phillip has developed includes video modules and social media integration. It is the premier program to be used nation-wide by banks and for Aboriginal entrepreneurship training.

You can contact Phillip by email: phillip at desnoyers-schuler dot com